PowerPoint resources

When you create a PowerPoint presentation, there are some steps you should take before you even begin:

  1. Choose a slide design; click the Design menu tab, and then choose one of the professional preset designs. This will make your life MUCH easier.
  2. Create your presentation. The first slide should be a title slide; the final slide should be a references slide. Make certain you do not alter any of the preset fonts (size, color, type, etc). Add content to all "click to add" boxes or delete them.
  3. Use the 6x6 rule; no more than 6 words per line, no more than 6 lines per text. Keep the text on the slide simple. Add most of your explanation to the notes at the bottom (where it says, "click to add notes"). Include in-text citations in the notes.
  4. If you choose to use graphics, use one small graphic per slide. Graphics should never overpower or replace written content.
  5. Spell check and proof read.
  6. Here are a few great resources to assist you further: